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Vegetarian Starters

1. Onion Rings £2.75

Onions in Breadcrumbs

2. Aloo Chops £2.85

Spiced mashed potato rolled in crumbs

3. Garlic Mushrooms £2.85

Sliced mushrooms cooked in garlic

4. Vegetable Samosa £2.85

Mixed vegetable in a pastry

5. Onion Bhaji £2.85

6. Aloo Chana Chat £3.75

Chickpeas and potato in medium spices with a fried pancake

7. Vegetable Pakora £2.85

Vegetable and onions mashed in special batter and deep fried

8. Paneer Tikka £3.20

Indian cheese mildly spiced cooked in tandoori

9. Brinjal Pakora £2.85

Sliced aubergines in a special batter and deep fried

Seafood Starters

10. Prawn Puree £3.75

Prawns cooked in special spices folded in a pancake

11. King Prawn Chat  £4.75

King prawn cooked in special spices folded in a pancake

13. King Prawn Suka £4.75

Cooked in sweet and sour sauce with shell on to tantalise your tastebuds

14. Machli Biran (Haddock) £4.25

Spicy fish cooked in chef’s selected herbs, spices and onions

15. Fish Pakora £3.50

Fish in batter and deep fried

16. Prawn Cocktail £2.85

17. Tandoori King Prawns £5.25

Lightly spiced king prawns fried with onions and green peppers served on a sizzler

18. Prawn & Chicken Puri £3.95

Tender prawns and chicken in a rich massalla sauce garnished with coriander served in a puree

19. King Prawn Pakoras £4.55

Tiger prawns cooked in tandoori with bangali spices

Meat & Poultry Starters

20. Chilli Lounge Special Starter £7.45

Consists of meat chops, chicken tikka, aloo chops and Seekh kebab for 2 person

21. Mix Kebab £4.15

Includes onion bhaji, seekh kebab and chicken tikka

22. Shammi Kebab £2.95

Minced meat shaped like a burger

23. Sheekh Kebab £2.95

Minced meat shaped like sausags

24. Chicken Pakora £3.25

Battered chicken tikka deep fried

25. Meat Samosa £2.90

Mince meat in pastry

26. Tandoori Chicken £3.25

Chicken on the bone marinated and skewered in tandoori

27. Chicken Tikka £3.25

Boneless Chicken marinated and skewered in tandoori

28. Meat Tikka £3.75

Boneless meat marinated and skewered in tandoori

29. Garlic Chicken Tikka £3.50

Chicken tikka cooked with extra garlic and onions

30. Chicken Chat £3.75

Chicken tikka cooked in medium spices rolled in pancake

31. Meat Chops £3.85

Meat on the bone skewered on grill

32. Chicken Tikka Suka £3.75

Cooked in a sweet and sour sauce to tantalise your tastebuds

33. Chicken Shashlik £3.95


34. Dall Soup Lentils £2.75

35. Tomato Soup £2.75

36. Vegetable Soup £2.75

37. Mulligataawny Soup Spicy  £2.75